CyberSurf Bali
Software Solution 
Computer Hardware 
Company Profile  

We are a bunch of people, mostly Indonesians, who live  in  the  island 
of  Bali.  Realising an excellent potential of Bali on trade,  art & culture,   
we are trying to have fun while providing services such  as  consulting,  
training, designing  web  pages,  software  solutions  and   support   for   
hotels, garment, cruise and furniture business. 

We give up to date and wide range of  information for  tourists, culture 
interest group, anthropologists, artists, business people, etc. 

We also do web hosting. Our hosting will allow businesses to promote,  
advertise and sell their products/services.  Our plan  is flexible  to meet  
people's needs.  

Our Commitment  

Our people are our most important asset. We do take customer service  
seriously. We offer total commitment  in giving  support  and  possible  
solutions. We guarantee the full one day service. Let us proof it! 

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